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Jonothan WillcocksMotivator, Educator, Adventurer, Coach

Jonathan is a sought after motivational speaker, inspiring group facilitator, trainer, author, storyteller, and powerful coach in life, leadership, learning, and adventure! He is an educator, motivator, entrepreneur, athlete, leader, and a natural catalyst for inspired, positive growth and change in others. Workshops, seminars, coaching, facilitating, training, speaking engagements, and adventures have taken Jonathan throughout the world. He has worked with a diverse range of groups, and has created and designed experiential educational training materials, multi-media presentations, and lead workshops and adventure-based experiences for over 80,000 youth and adults worldwide.

Jonathan is the Founding Director of Pinnacle Pursuits ( Together with his wife, Cheryl, they have developed Pinnacle Pursuits into an internationally renowned and award-winning action-based learning and leadership company. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Pinnacle Pursuits works both locally and worldwide, with youth and schools, corporations, and family groups, focusing on team-building, leadership development, adventure, and creating once-in-a-lifetime pinnacle experiences in unique destinations.

Apart from various leadership and entrepreneurial awards and achievements, 'Jono's unique more adventurous experiences include, among others, racing in and completing the Ironman, rappelling off sky scrapers - face first, surfing down raging rivers, solo expeditioning for two weeks through the Grand Canyon, being present for and witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall, canoeing across oceans, climbing and summiting well-known mountain peaks, embarking on multi-day, multi-disciplined expeditions and adventure races, and attempting to brake the human-powered record of crossing Canada! His youthful nature and heartfelt enthusiasm and mindful approach and perspective on life are passionate and genuine. Personal and group leadership experiences with Jonathan are inspiring, challenging, energizing, transformational, and fun!

Jono's university training and education is through his degree in Kinesiology and Human Potential. In addition to being a trained personal and executive life and leadership coach, he is a recognized recreational therapist, and an experienced wilderness guide. He has an extensive background in athletics, leadership through sports, and global travels and expeditions. He has learned from and worked with some of the best coaches, adventurers, authors, facilitators, and human potential leaders in the world. He has traveled, worked, and adventured in over 30 countries. During and after University Jonathan spent seven years a wilderness guide, educator, and life-skills coach for young offenders at a unique wilderness boot camp in the mountains of British Columbia, and ultimately became the youngest camp manager. He is experienced in almost all areas of wilderness adventure including water skills, mountain skills, ropes, navigation, challenge courses, geo-teaming & geo-caching (GPS adventures), and designing/directing large scale events and eco-adventure races.

From a young age, responsibility, leadership, and adversity have played a major theme in creating and defining his life. At the age of 9, he moved away from his family in the UK to live in Canada during which time he faced many personal difficulties and challenges. By the time he graduated high school, he had been the President of the school's Student Council, a champion athlete, was awarded university scholarships for academic excellence, leadership, and community service, and had been selected to represent BC in Ottawa to be recognized as a "Special Citizen of Canada".

He uses his experiences now to help thousands of young leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate groups and leaders each year to face challenges in their own life with purpose, passion, courage, and confidence! His own commitment to personal challenge through sport and adventure, as well as his commitment to his own professional growth, and life-learning reflections, enables him to facilitate workshops, speak to groups, and coach clients with personal insights and experience.

Personally, Jono resides with his wife in Vancouver, B.C. He enjoys family time, adventure travel, writing, photography, fly-fishing, wilderness expeditions, studying native legend and lore, competitive sports, and training and competing in long-distance athletic events, including the Ironman and multi-day, multi-disciplined, adventure races.

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